Q.  How much does it cost?
A.  Please see our Rental Info
page for details


Q.  Where can I get more minutes?
A.  You can purchase phone cards at many locations throughout the island or you can purchase them from Friendly Isle.  We can also now send money to your phone upon your request within a matter of seconds regardless of where you are on the island.  At this time we are the ONLY cell phone rental company that can offer this service to you.


Q.  Do I pay for all calls?
A.  No, you are only charged for your outbound calls your inbound calls are totally free to you, even from the states!


Q.  When do I receive my phone number?
A.  You will receive your number 5 days prior to your departure date.


Q.  How do I get the phone?
A.  You can pick up the phone from Friendly Isle at Royal Palm Beach Club or it can be delivered to your Dutch side hotel room or car rental agency for a  nominal charge.


Q.  Can I use my own phone?

A.  Yes!  It must be an unlocked tri band GSM phone in order for you to rent a chip. 


Q.  What does chip rental cost?

A.  Chip rentals cost $10.00 for one week, $5.00 for each additional week & $2.00 for each additional day & these rates do not include any time on the chip.  For options please see our Rental Info page


Q.  How do I rent a phone?
A.  Simply submit a reservation through our secured server Signup Form

Q.  Do I have to give a Credit Card number in order to make a reservation?

A.  No, you can also go to the Contact Page a make your reservation using that form.



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